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    HIM Reimagined

    WHAT IS HIM REIMAGINED?                                                 
    HIM Reimagined is an AHIMA initiative to transform health information management (HIM) and position professionals for the future.
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    HIM REIMAGINED WHITEPAPER                                    
    The HIM Reimagined Whitepaper provides strategies for educators and professionals to transition HIM knowledge, skills and competencies into practice.
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    HIMR Quarterly Updates

    Quarterly updates are posted here to keep you informed of the advancements and timeline of HIMR.
    Q1[2018] Q2[2018] Q3[2018] Q4[2018]
    Q1[2019] Q2[2019] Q3[2019] Q4[2019]


    View the HIMR infographic to see how HIMR starts with you!

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