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    Prior Approvals

    Earlier this year AHIMA began taking steps to better protect your data and improve the security and privacy of customer information. As part of this effort, effective November 1st we will no longer accept paper applications. In addition, after December 1 we will no longer accept paper checks. We will be transitioning to an ACH system at the beginning of 2020, which will allow you to pay via electronic fund transfer. Until we make this transition, we will only accept credit cards.

    You can complete an online application here.

    If you have questions please contact PriorApproval@ahima.org

    AHIMA administers a Prior Approval Program for education providers who wish to offer education programs that qualify for AHIMA CEUs. The Prior Approval Program recognizes external organizations as meeting the Association’s standards for CEU providers.
    AHIMA encourages companies to apply to be recognized as an AHIMA Prior Approval Program if they are conducting an education session that would fall within one of the following domains: Technology; Management Development; Clinical Data Management; Performance Improvement; External Forces; Clinical Foundations. (Descriptions of each domain can be found in the Prior Approval Guide in Appendix A.) 

    Benefits of Prior Approval

    Attaining AHIMA Prior Approval status benefits your organization in several ways: 

    • Recognition and esteem for your program among more than 103,000 health information professionals
    • Distinction of meeting AHIMA's requirements and standards
    • Marketing opportunities: May display AHIMA's respected Statement of Approval in promotional materials
    • Participants have confidence in content integrity
    • Participants know the confirmed number of CEUs and can easily submit CEUs

    Applying for Prior Approval

    The Prior Approval Guide? outlines the benefits, standards, and requirements of AHIMA’s Prior Approval Program, as well as AHIMA’s procedures for monitoring approved programs. Please review the Prior Approval Guide before applying for Prior Approval. To complete the online Prior Approval application form, create a MyAHIMA account if necessary or log in to your current account and click on “Submit Prior Approvals” located under the “Education and Certification” section.

    Reviews of submitted applications take approximately 4 weeks. Approval letters will be sent via email.

    If you have questions, please contact PriorApproval@ahima.org.

    Find AHIMA Prior Approved Education Programs – Log into your MyAHIMA account, go to Education and Certification, and click on Search Prior Approvals. Use Advanced Search to find programs according to format, topic, location, date, number of CEUs, and company name.